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With 4 campuses spread over 3 Regions (Hauts de France, Normandie and Bretagne), UniLaSalle is developing its R&D through 6 research units, 4 of which are currently assessed by the HCERES and labeled by the line ministries. 3 units are inter-site on the Beauvais and Rouen Campuses:

  • the unit AGHYLE UP 2018.C101(Agro-ecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Environment and Resources);
  • the unit INTERACT UP 2018.C102 (Innovation, Land Management, Agriculture & Agro-industry, Knowledge and technology);
  • the unit UT&A ULR 7519/Univ d'Artois (Processing & Agro-resources).
The unit B2R URR 7511/UPJV (Basins, Reservoirs, Resources) is located on the Beauvais Campus, the unit CYCLANN is located on the Rennes Campus and the SYMADE (Systems and Sustainable Energy Control) is located on the Amiens Campus.


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